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1st Annual US Open Pickleball 2016 Championships, Naples Florida

  1st Annual  US Open Pickleball  2016 Championships   Playing pickleball competitively can be so challenging, both mentally and physically. And yes I said physically- for all those non-pickleball players that wonder how can pickleball singles on that smaller court be tough? How do you get a workout? I say just give it a try- […]
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Winter Classic Pickleball Tournament

The Winter Classic Pickleball Tournament at Tanglewoods courts in Florida on Saturday and Sunday was a huge success. With over 79 mixed doubles teams competing in 12 separate age and ability classifications. This proved to have some great matches and the players had some exciting matches. In the pickleball matches for at Winter Classic Picklebal […]
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2014 Tournament Results

Thanks USAPA for sharing the tournament results! We had some great games and matches! Read all the results here.   Source: 2014 Tournament Results

Valley pro puts new spin on pickleball vs. tennis feud

Source: There are plenty of ongoing feuds in the world of sports — Dodgers vs. Giants; Michigan vs. Ohio State; Kobe Bryant vs. Father Time. But one of the most vitriolic beefs around is on display here in the Coachella Valley. I’m talking, of course, about tennis players vs. pickleball players. The oil and water of racket sports. One side […]
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USAPA Nationals VII Pickleball Tournament Final Results

The results are in for the Nationals VII Pickleball Tournaments. Visit USAPA for more information on this by following the link below. Source: USAPA Nationals VII Pickleball Tournament Final Results