About ultrapickleball and our blog

Locally Owned

Ultra Pickleball is a local family owned pickleball company located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho which is situated in the beautiful northwest. You are currently on our blog for all the latest in pickleball news and articles. Our website for our blog with news, articles, learning, tips and training is blog.ultrapickleball.com.

A little about us. We are neighboring cities to Spokane, Washington which is one of the largest city’s in the Inland Northwest and we are not to far from Seattle, Washington where the great game of Pickleball started. We love living here in the northwest and the unique lifestyle that it offers to our family during the different seasons.

Northwest Lifestyle

As a northwest family, we personally try to play with most of the Pickleball Paddles & Products offered on our site during the beautiful summer months. We believe that paddles are one of the most important piece of equipment in this sport and if we are involved in the “pickleball world” that we will be better able to help our customers choose the right products.

Paddle Manufacturing

As a customer you have over 54 plus paddle options to choose from and from some of the best brands around. Some of the methods in making these paddles are from time honored designs and methods of engineering ensuring the ultimate in a paddle. Most of our paddles are manufactured right here in the US and some are even made in our hometown.

Our Focus is Our Customers

Ultra Pickleball was started to provide clear winning product choices to our customers. Our focus is on our customers, product excellence and our customer service. We are committed to excellence in our business practices, policy’s, and our company guarantees.

Visit our store at www.ultrapickleball.com


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