Omni 31P XO Graphite Polymer Elongated Glen Peterson Signature Design Pickleball Paddle Review


 Omni 31P XO Graphite Polymer Elongated Glen Peterson Signature Design Paddle Review

            Aloha from Maui!!!  This review is brought to you buy Maui, Hawaii and a gang of misfits ranging from the ages of 50 to 72 and from  all over the world; Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada and the mainland. Our players come from all over the world, most live here now but we have many visitors that come in for extended stays and join our group while they are visiting.  It is so cool to hear of their pickle ball adventures from their home when they come to visit.  The levels of play is adverse as the backgrounds and culture;  with  equal parts male and female.

There are not too many places for us to play on the island but the county has been gracious enough to hear our pleas and has designated a few of the tennis courts around the island as designated pickle ball courts when we want and then back to tennis courts when we are not playing.  Depending on the weather most of us try to play early in the morning, with some taking part on a court in town for evening play.  We even have the opportunity at an indoor court on Saturdays that is shared with tennis, badminton, basketball and volleyball so the lines become a great challenge when we do get our time there, but we make due so that we can enjoy this great pastime.


The product we are reviewing is the Omni 31P XO Graphite Polymer Elongated Glen Peterson Signature Design Paddle.  It comes with a sleek and slimmer design with an elongated neck and a shorter handle.  All of these parts we will address in more detail in the next paragraphs to come.  This product is a consensus review from all of our group.  Each one of us played games with the paddle in outdoor and adverse conditions.  The results vary from player to player but the general review is a positive one.

Let’s start with the design of the paddle first.  It is slimmer and longer and appears to be lighter than other paddles.  Let’s break this down.  The majority of players agree that the paddle appears to be more accurate than most.  It gives the players more control over the direction and placement of the ball when it leaves the racket because it forces you to hit more center on the paddle because of how slimmer it is.  Everyone who played with the Omni agrees that the control is a big factor in defining  the difference between the Omni and other paddles.

As for the weight of the racket and the release of the ball from the racket, the panel was split.  It was about 50/50 when asked about the feel of the racket in your hand when playing.  Some agree that it is lighter and easier to handle while others conveyed that it appears heavier as the game continues.  The weight is important especially for the female players who might not have the upper body or arm strength that the males due as the matches go on.  Again the panel was split on this decision.


The pop of the ball off of the paddle is very different from other paddles.  This was a consensus of all who used the Omni.  All agree that it definitely has a different sound and a different pop off of the paddle.  Here is where we become divided again, most of the female players agreed that they gain more power from the Omni with less effort and the males believe that they require more force to get the same velocity that they get from other paddles.  This one will have to be up to the individual player to decide not only what kind of player they are and how they approach and hit the ball on weather this paddle performs above or below to their individual standards.  The jury is still out on this.

Finally we discussed the handle and the grip of this paddle.  This is the only downfall of this product, if you look at it that way.  The majority agreed that the handle is too short and too fat.  There is not enough to hang onto if lets say you are a player who likes to hang onto the end of the handle or even the top of the handle.  The handle is so short that there is only one place to put your hand and that is it.  Like it or not there is no room to move your hand around for added comfort.  We did have two players that liked the handle being so short.  One expressed that with arthritis in her hands that this handle conform better to her hand and that when she hit a back hand (where other paddles hurt individual fingers, depending on how she makes contact)  this paddle did not hurt her hands at all.  The other player expressed some bad habits while playing with other paddles, such as having a finger up for support and moving her hand around on the paddle as she plays thus not having the accuracy that she wants.  By using the Omni she  is forced keep her hand stationary and therefore creates more accuracy and attempts to correct other habits she is trying to break.


Over all the Omni 31P XO Graphite Polymer Elongated Glen Peterson Signature Design Paddle  is an overwhelming hit!!!  it lives up to its design, stands tall with its power and pop and demands accuracy with its sleek design.  We recommend that you try this paddle out for yourself, we do not believe you will be disappointed.  Can’t wait to get out there and play again; practice makes perfect.  If you try the Omni out don’t forget to send in your thoughts to Ultra Pickleball, they would love to hear from you!







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