Top 10 Reasons to Love Pickle ball in Arizona

It was the year of 2013 when the number of pickleball players started to rise.  The number of enthusiasts doubled in just one year and an increase available  locations all around the US to  up to 80 new places a year. A game which started out as a past time in a family backyard is now officially a competitive sport. People of all ages are finds this cross breed racquet game even more fascinating. It’s no surprise that even non-players of both tennis and badminton are looking at what the rave is all about. Who wouldn’t love to get together with some friends and play this dynamic yet low impact sport. Learn something new and see how you can have loads of fun trying out Pickleball.

  1. It’s easy to learn the game. You don’t have to be an expert in tennis to pick up this sport but it can help. Many have picked up the game easily. Is it your first time? No worries get your club or instructor give you the 101 basics and you’ll do just fine. It’s not fast paced game so you can definitely learn at your own pace.
  1. Anyone can play pickleball. A popular recreational game for the elderly, pickleball can be enjoyed by all ages. It’s both competitive and recreational. It doesn’t limit the fun to a specific age group.
  1. Winning the game can be easily done. Unlike most games, pickleball is scored simple by points. You have to rally up to 11 points and win twice in order to be declared the winner. The only catch is that you can only score a point on your own serve.
  1. It has a small movement friendly playing area. The official court is much smaller than regular racket sports. It had an approximate area of 20 x 44 ft. This means less area to cover and longer rallies. A friendly area for those who already have limited movement.
  1. You can play pickleball just about anywhere. You don’t have to be an official playing court to get access to a good game of pickleball. The game is portable and mobile. In addition to playing pickleball at dedicated facilities, you can also bring your own net (or something to use as a make-shift net such as lawn chairs, bicycles, blocks of wood, etc.) to your venue of choice.  Then simply chalk in some lines and grab your paddle and ball and you’re ready to play.  If you don’t have pickleball courts nearby don’t fret.  You can play on your local tennis courts, your driveway or your dead-end street.  If you’re really gung-ho, build your own pickleball court in the backyard!  There’s really no shortage of options.
  1. Pickleball is social. Pickleball provides the opportunity for you to have fun and interact with friends. Whether it’s competing singles, doubles, or just waiting on the bench, there’s a lot of interaction in the game. Boost your personal relation skills with this game.
  1. Pickleball can be competitive.  In addition to the fun/social aspect, pickleball can also quench the competitive thirst to win.  Whether it is participating in the Senior Olympics, playing in a USAPA sanctioned event or just competing against your Tuesday afternoon “nemesis,” pickleball provides an opportunity for spirited competition.
  1. Pickleball has numerous health benefits.   This may come in the form of lower blood pressure, a boost in immune system, stress reduction, improved mental acuity or just get keep in shape.  It sure beats getting on the treadmill for an hour! It will surely burn you lots of calories which will help you maintain your weight. Since pickleball is a hybrid between tennis and badminton, you can estimate its calorie burning potential for one hour worth of play. Playing an hour of tennis burns off about 500 calories for a 150-lb. person, while that same person burns off about 320 calories during an hour of badminton, Diet and Fitness Today reports. Put pickleball somewhere in the middle. You’ll have lower cases of injury. It’s not as fast paced as its cousin, tennis so joints are not forced and less likely to experience trauma. Pickleball can also improve endurance, strength, balance and agility.

      9. Pickleball is relatively inexpensive to play.  Courts are popping up all over the place where you can play – outdoor parks, churches,                        schools and tennis facilities where they have converted tennis courts into pickleball courts.  With paddle prices less than $100 and courts that                are becoming more ever-present, cost is typically not a factor.  Most places to play are either free or have a relatively small charge for “court-                  time.”

  1. Pickleball can break up the monotony. It’s a rough life for those retired folks, isn’t it? Pickleball is a great activity for recreation. It’s a different game from the usual golf or swimming in the morning. It’s more interactive and overall fun!

Why Arizona can’t get enough of pickleball…

“It’s a sport that keeps me active, I just love it!” Ralph Mccombb, 85, first played pickleball for recreation in 2008. Now he’s an active member of the Arizona Pickleball team competing around the US. He claims pickleball to be his sport of choice. He saw it grow in his location and how it impacted the community, “Even more enthusiasts are lobbying for parks and recreational communities. The game has really brought us together.” An advocate of wellness he also found this low-impact sport perfect for the elderly. “It’s a great way to wake up and be active. It’s something me and my wife  look forward to everyday.”



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