Pickleball Players in Southwest Florida

playing pickleball in florida_UltraPickleball_courtesy photoplaying pickleball in florida_UltraPickleball_courtesy photo

playing pickleball in florida_UltraPickleball_courtesy photo

Photo Courtesy Of: JoAnne Russell, Jim Ludwig and Nancy Robertson say they enjoy playing pickleball. COURTESY PHOTO

News Source: Florida Weekly


Some players cannot get enough pickleball and this happens to be the case in Southwest Florida where players of all ages truly relish the game. Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. Here is a great news article on some players in Florida that have been playing pickleball for decades. In this article the US Open 2016 Pickleball Championship is mentioned. The US Open 2016 Championship is also exploding with interest and the number of players coming from all over the world.

[JoAnne Russell’s athletic resume bursts with big-time tennis achievements. She was Wimbledon doubles champ in 1977 and was ranked as high as No. 22 in the world in singles in 1983 and now teaches tennis at Grey Oaks Country Club in Naples.

That’s not her only sport. Ms. Russell, 61, also plays pickleball.


“I thought it was the weirdest thing,” Ms. Russell said of her initial reaction to the sport’s name. “Are you kidding me?”]

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