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Pickleball In San Luis Obispo California

BY NICK WILSON: Source: The Tribune The sport of pickleball has grown so popular in Morro Bay that local club organizers of the sport say it’s time for permanent courts to be established. Kathy Thomas, the sport’s district co-ambassador, said that since her group began the Morro Bay Pickleball Club in October 2014, more than […]
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What is Pickleball & How Is It Starting In Washington DC?

By Noah Frank | @NoahFrankWTOPDecember 23, 2015 2:14 am Source: WTOP WASHINGTON — Just what the heck is pickleball? With a name like that, the sport both demands and requires an explanation. And like any great story, it all starts with the family dog. One day in 1965, former Rep. Joel Pritchard was playing with […]
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Pickleball Rules For Playing

Pickleball Rules Basic overview rules: The game can be played as singles or doubles. The same rules apply to both singles and doubles The Serve : The serve must be made underhand. Paddle contact must be navel level The serve is initiated with one foot behind the baseline The serve is made diagonally and must […]
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Havasu pickleball player to help introduce sport to South Africa

Many of Havasu’s winter visitors migrate south every winter, traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles to arrive in the city’s desert community. Graham Tungate, 72, of Canada, intends to go much farther this year, and he’s bringing something with him from Havasu. Source: Havasu pickleball player to help introduce sport to South Africa

2014 Tournament Results

Thanks USAPA for sharing the tournament results! We had some great games and matches! Read all the results here.   Source: 2014 Tournament Results

How To Choose The Right Pickleball Paddle?

How to choose the right pickleball paddle for your playing style. Control Vs. Weight.

How To Play Pickleball (A Quick Explanation & History)

Some basics on how to play pickleball if you are learning and just starting out in the sport. We are glad that you are learning to play. This truly is a great sport!

Popular pickleball coming to Port Royal, South Carolina

Pickleball is played by four players and, at 20 by 44 feet, a pickleball court resembles a miniature tennis court. Jay Karr BY STEPHEN FASTENAU Pickleball is coming to the town of Port Royal, though the details are still being ironed out. Lisa Redwine, sports and aquatics director at the Wardle Family YMCA, […]
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The New Pickleball Magazine

The long awaited pickleball mgazine is officially released! The first Pickleball Magazine that will be sent to over 40,000 people in print. This magazine is the official magazine of the USAPA. Read the full publication below. Enjoy this wonderful piece! Read the Pickleball Magazine Here

Pickleball in Lititz, PA Recreation

Source: Peggy Gerhard is addicted to pickleball. So is Lucy Snavely, George Hockenbrocht, Kristin Reifsnyder, Jerry Clark, Jake Deary and Aaron Besnoff. The list goes on and on, with as many as 80 to 100 pickleball addicts right here at the Lititz recCenter. That’s not pickles, by the way. It’s pickleball. What is pickleball? It’s […]
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